E-WIM Weigh In Motion System
Weigh In Motion System

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The E-WIM 400 has been developed for high speed axle weight measurement and classification for law enforcement applications. High speed Weigh-In-Motion systems are playing a significant role as pre-warning subsystem in conjunction with low speed axle weight measurement stations. High speed WIM systems provide weight measurement without interruption to regular traffic flow.  The E-WIM 400 operates using stationary piezo-electric and inductive loop sensors that are installed into pavement. Weight measurements are provided for each individual axle, each axle group and the gross vehicle weight.

The E-WIM 400 can operate either as a stand alone unit with warning lamps, or as part of an integrated system equipped with a personal computer, low speed axle scale and a high speed video camera.  The E-WIM 400 is designed with new technology, high speed, 32bit microcontrollers in 19" 3U rack form with Euro size modules those can be easily replaced as modules or device for service purposes. It is possible to transmit data up to a distance of 1km via isolated RS-422 interface and up to distance to 15m via RS-232 interface. E-WIM 400 can also communicate over the GSM network using its optional GSM modem.  Used in the systems which are compatible with COST 323 CLASS B+, ASTM - E1318 recommendations.  

Models  E-WIM 401 N For single lane operation  E-WIM 402 N For double lane operation


  • Modular 19’’ rack mount design
  • Weight and speed limit warnings
  • Off-lane detection
  • Operating speed range 20 km/h up to 180 km/h
  • Storage capacity up to 200,000 vehicles
  • Classifications up to 8 axles and 100 different classes
  • RS-232 and isolated RS-422 communication ports
  • Traffic light output
  • Camera trigger output GSM modem option

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Model E-WIM 401 N E-WIM 402 N
Number of lanes 1 2
Number of piezo-electric sensors 2 4
Number of Inductive loops 2 4
Gross weight accuracy ±10% ±10%
Speed accuracy ±1% ±1%
Axle distance accuracy ±3% ±3%
Electronics operating temperature range -25°C to +50°C -25°C to +50°C
Sensors operating temperature range -40°C to +70°C -40°C to +70°C
Max capacity of sensors 50t per axle 50t per axle
Relative humidity 0 to 98% 0 to 98%
Predefined Relay outputs 2 ( red+yellow alerts) 2 ( red+yellow alerts)
Auxiliary Relay contacts 4 N/O 4 N/O
Electrical Specifications    
AC Input 85 to 264 V AC 85 to 264 V AC
AC Power consumption 30W Max. 30W Max.
Battery/Solar power consumption 20W Max. 20W Max.
Physical Specification    
Weight 5.1 kg 5.3 kg
Dimensions (mm) 482 x 132 x 190 482 x 132 x 190
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