AS Dynamic Truck Axle Scales
Dynamic Truck Axle Scales 30 t

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ESIT AS Portable Axle Scales are used for controling of high-capacity industrial weighing equipment. Each axle is weighed respectively on a platform by standing on. Weighing values and the results from the screen can be viewed via the printer that can be documented on the voucher. Plate number of vehicles on the plug and the secrets of its axle has different weight.  

This product cannot be used for legal trade or calculating the net cargo weight by weighing axle weights separately.  

For the usage of Portable Axle Scale , there is no need of a special station, electricity, etc.. the road can be used immediately by a suitable replacement. It can be measured by weight of the portable axle weighing system, excessive amount of space is very important in preventing violations.  

It consists of two wireless communication scale platform with each other and one weighing terminal. The Weighing platform is made of lightweight, portable aluminum material. The weighing terminal is replaced inside a durable and light ABS case and works with rechargeable dry type batteries. The wireless system is bringing ease of use and so that the connection from the cable will have no problems.


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Teknical Specifications AS30000
Meteorological Specifications  
Capacity 30t
Section 5kg
Linearity 15kg
Repeatability 5kg
Stabilization Time 0.5sec - 3sec
Metarial Aluminum
Protection Class IP65
Platform Size (1 pc) 428x690x42 mm
Platform Weight (1 pc) 25kg
Material Aluminum
Platform (1 pc) 1400x650x42 mm
Weight (1 pc) 25kg
Battery Type 2 adet AA (Alkaline or rechargable battery)
Battery Useful Life 3 Months (approx.)
Wireless Communication 20m
Model PWI-A
Material Plastic Bag
IP Class IP65
Display 128x64 graphical LCD
Tuşlar Dust- and humidity-proof keyboard with 21 tact-type keys
Battery 12V 7.2 Ah
Battery Life 5 years (equals to an average of 1500 times of charging-recharging)
Battery charge duration 24 hours
Battery duration 8 hours
Charging voltage 220VAC or 12V car battery
Humidity %10 %95
Operating temperature range -30°C ... +60°C
Storing temperature range -40°C ... +75°C
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AS Axle Scale User Manual (.pdf)

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