AR-WIM Dynamic Stationary Axle Scale
Dynamic Stationary Axle Scale 30t

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Esit AR-WIM stationary axle weighing scale can weigh the axle weights in dynamic or static modes. In the dynamic mode all axles and the gross weight are weighed as the vehicle passes over the weighing platform at a low speed. In the static mode the desired axle can be weighed by placing the vehicle axle on the weighing platform.  

The weighing results can be viewed on the display, stored in device memory and can be printed on ticket. The ticket holds important information such as: date, time, number plate, the axle weights and the gross weight of the vehicle.


  • Single and group axle weight
  • Gross vehicle weight
  • 400% overload capacity
  • High weighing accuracy
  • OIML R76 approved for static measurement
  • OIML R134-2006 approved for dynamic measurement
  • Industrial enclosure

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General Specifications  
Capacity 30 ton
Static Accuracy Class OIML R76 1/1000
WIM Accuracy Class (vehicle mass) OIML R134:2006 Class 0,5-1-2
WIM Accuracy Class (single axle load) OIML R134:2006 Class B-C-D
Measurement Speed 1-8 Km/h
Transit Speed 30 Km/h
Operating Temperature -40°C to +70°C
Platform Dimensions 90x330 cm
Esit ürün sertifika listesi Documents
AR Stationary Axle Weighing Scale User Manual (.pdf)

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