Data Logger
Data analytics program

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Data logger is a data recording software which provides recording of conditions encountered over time and thanks to monitoring helps to identify overlooked elements. Reporting and retrospective analysis of changes gives user the possibility to find and fix the source of disruptions.It is an ideal solution for those who need long-term data record.  

Besides recording of measured values numerically allows monitoring measurements values graphically. Offers the possibility of information remote monitoring due to transfer between different computers and measuring devices without the need for additional software.


  • Numerical and graphical display of instant measurement information
  • Second, minute or hour-period recording options
  • Easy to Start / End recording with one button
  • Different types of graphics / registration / communication options can be selected due to easy menu settings.
  • Easy data values watching on the chart due to mouse cursor
  • Easy chart traceability due to self-adaptation feature measurement range information exchange due to self-adaptation feature
  • Remote monitoring Text (txt) or Excel (xls) format data record
  • Opportunity to differentiate due to adding the dates, times and registration numbers in the moment of registration.
  • Due to automatically increases of recording file name ability to create consecutive records
  • Connection status can be watched due to automatic device connection detector
  • Turkish interface and menus
  • Compatible with all ESIT devices

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System Requirements;

Model Minimum Specifications
Processor Pentium 233 MHz
Ram 32 MB (larger Ram is recommended)
Disk Capaity 10 MB (larger capacity for data logging is required.)
Screen 800x600 High color or true color
Connection Serial port
Interface RS232C/RS485 connector
Driver CD-ROM(only for setup)
Operating System Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
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