HSC-EL Mounting Kits
40t, 60t, 100t

load cells and mounting kits, mounting kits ,hsc el

Maintains a stable measurement in weighing systems where vibrations and impact loads are present;  

Eliminates problems arising from thermal expansion;  

Corrects off-center loads;  

Protects the load cell against leakage currents with a grounding cable

Areas of Application;

  • Heavy industrial applications, Iron and steel industry,Concrete industry,High capacity tank and silo weighing applications,Railway scales,Concrete platform scales,Scrap iron and crucible weighing applications are used.

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  • Designed specificall to meet the requirements of the heavy industries
  • Protects the load cell against impacts (scrap iron scales in steel industry) due to vibrating loads Eliminates problems arising from thermal expansion
  • The rubber material used is durable and suitable for outdoor temperature conditions
  • The joints used in the load cell are made of reinforced steel
  • A grounding cable has been placed between the lower and upper plates
  • Made of reinforced steel, and electro-galvanized and painted against corrosion
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