CA-V Load Cell
10-20-25 t

load cells and mounting kits, compression type ,ca-v

CA-V load cell is based on the shear force principle to measure forces in the compression direction. It has been developed for use in high capacity, electronic weight and force measurement applications in industrial environments. The precise and rugged CA-V load cell offers high resistance to side forces and overload conditions.

Stainless steel CA-V load cells are suitable for severe industrial conditions. The CA-V's strain gauge area is hermetically sealed and it is in IP 68 protection class. The CA-V load cell is not influenced by the adverse weather conditions and chemicals. CA-V finds application in high capacity vehicle scales, platform scales, tank weighing systems, automatic weighing instruments and process weighing applications.


  • Stainless steel
  • Certified to OIML R60 standards
  • Hermetic-sealed strain gauge area
  • Resistant to side forces
  • Heavy duty
  • IP68 industrial protection

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Model Capacities Minumum Division Maximum Overload Capacity
CA-V 10 10,000 kg 1100 g 15,000 kg
CA-V 20 20,000 kg 2300 g 30,000 kg


Maximum capacities (Emax)  kg 10000, 20000
Accuracy (OIML R60)  
C1 C3 C4
Maximum number of verification intervals ()  
1000 3000 4000
Minimum verification interval ()  
Emax/5000 Emax/6000 Emax/8850
Combined error  %
≤ ±0.05 ≤ ±0.02 ≤ ±0.015
Creep error over 30 min. (DR)  %Emax
0.0050 0.0033 0.0025
Minimum load  %Emax 0
Maximum safe overload  %Emax 150
Maximum safe sideload  %Emax 100
Ultimate load  %Emax 300
Stretching (Emax)  mm 0.3
Maximum excitation voltage (Umax)  V 15
Rated output (Cn)  mV/V 2 ±0.1%
Zero balance  %Cn ±1.0
Input Resistance   385 ±20
Output Resistance   351 ±3
Insulation resistance  M? 500
Compensated temperature range  °C -10...+40
Operating temperature range  °C -40...+80
Load cell material   Stainless Steel
Sealing (EN60529)   IP68
Cable length  m 14 or 16±%3
Cable diameter  mm 8
Weight  kg 8
Package dimensions / weight  cm/kg 25x25x18 / 8.3
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