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ESİT Wifi Plus is a wireless communication system designed for maintaining wireless communication between any Esit indicator and other remote devices, such as remote displays, PLC’s, PC’s, etc… Esit Wifi+ system consists of two RF modules and a central antenna modüle. The RF modules are connected to an Esit indicator on one side and any desired device for communication on the other. The information on the indicator is transmtted to other end instantly. Esit wifi+ is the most effective system for transmitting weighing data in a facility, also with a significant cost advantage.


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Technical Specification;

 Model Wifi+ Single Wifi+ Dual
 System ED Device Number 2 4
 System AP Device Number 1 1
 Voltage 12-24 VDC 12-24 VDC
 Wireless Communication Frequency 868 MHz 868 MHz
 Signal Power 10 dBm 10 dBm
 Power Consumption 1W 1W
 Serial Communication Speed 9600bps,8b,n,1s 9600bps,8b,n,1s
 Communication Distance 50 m  50 m
 Operating Temperature -10 +40 °C -10 +40 °C
 Protection Class IP 65 IP65
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Wifi Plus User Manual (.pdf)

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