ECI-EX Ex-Proof Box
Ex-Proof Box

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Esit ECI-EX is a indicator that is used in explosion risk areas such as environments of combustible chemicals, gas or petroleum products.
ECI-EX boxes have power supply, ECI and zener barrier. It  gathers the electrical signal from load cells and transmit them to the indicators through zener barriers using for protection.


  • Multi-language support
  • 5 touch keys
  • Plain use and setting thanks to the indexed menu system structure
  • Internal batching and filling program
  • Smart “plug and play” expansion structure
  • Gain setting adjustable according to the sensor output(capable of reading between ±20mV and ±1.6V)
  • Connectivity up to 10 load cells (350R)
  • Software update by using USB
  • Calibration without installation on the basis of the load cell data
  • Facility to carry the calibration information between different devices.
  • Easy test opportunity with the service menus (Serial Output, Digital inputs/Outputs, LCD, memory, ADC input)
  • 3 sectional weighing range (Wide Range , Multi Partition options)
  • Automatic scale interval (e) and dot space adjustment
  • gResolver, Smart numerical filter technology
  • Storing current weighing device values and calibration info
  • Monitoring the Load Cell info real time as mV/V from the service menu
  • 96 recipe and double speed batching up to 8 silos
  • Up to 8 optional digital output and up to 8 digital input
  • USB reporting (Last 64 calibration log, Last 256 Error Record and Last 256 Overload log)


  • EtherNet / IP Communication Card
  • Modbus TCP Communication Card
  • RS232 & RS485/RS422 Serial Communication Card (Modbus)

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Technical Specifications;

Model ECI, E Series
Load Cell Input +/- 2.50–160mV/V
A/D Speed (/second) 1600
Screen Resolution 9 digit (999999.999)
Supply 12-24V DC
Display LCD (101x33 pixel graphic,, 4.5 inch)
Communication Terminal (Standard) RS-232 (9600-115200bps)
Communication Remote Display (Standard) For Remote Display (Opto-Coupler)
Communication Option Module (Optional) E-MDL-EIP
Load Cell Feeding 10 VDC (280mA, maximum 10 load cells)
Operating Temperature -40C / +40C
Protection Class IP67 (Front Panel)
Esit ürün sertifika listesi Documents
ECI-EX Indicator Technical Drawing (.pdf)

ECI-EX 2D Technical Drawing (.dwg)

You can use the VariCad program to open 2D & 3D technical drawings.
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