ECI-BA Recipeing Featured Weighing Controller
Recipeing Featured Weighing Controller

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With its updated hardware, bright screen and software structure; New ESİT ECI indicator presents functionality, performance and ease of use significantly higher than industrial standards. ECI-BA includes all the features standard ECI includes and ECI-BA can control filling process up to 16 silos and 96 recipes.


With the standard feature of “Calibration Doctor”, ESIT ECI indicator allows users to calibrate systems with simple steps, while calibration quality is inspected. Therefore wrong or incomplete calibration is prevented. Furthermore calibration can either be made with standardized weights, digitally via input values or via load cell mV input. Since a backup can be taken of calibration values to the main board of the indicator; calibration values cane be restored in case of a fault.

gResolver Special Filtering;

ESIT ECI Weighing Indicator includes gResolver filtering software, an ESIT design. gResolver Special Filtering software filters all damaging vibration effects on weighing operations, enabling both sensitive and fast weighing.


  • 4 silo filling on standard, up to 16 silos can be filled optional, 96 recipe memory

  • Fast-slow filling up to 16 silos

  • On-board 2 relay cards with 4 relays each. Expansion card and external relay card optional

  • Shows recipe filling process with new bright graphics screen

  • Automatic shoot adjusting

  • Recipe tolerance and compensation support

  • New bright graphics display (4.5’’) and capacitive touch buttons

  • Adaptive, indexed menu system, Easy connection with connectors (Solder-free)

  • 1600 Hz measurement / 800 Hz data output rate

  • USB reporting / update / backup / calibration backup

  • Possibility of moving calibration data to other devices

  • Multi-language option, Easy calibration

  • Esit gResolver multi-frequency vibration filtering technology

  • Intelligent plug and play type option cards and modular expansion

  • Galvanic isolated communication docks, Internal thermometer

  • Service menu (self diagnostic), Printer support

  • USB, RS232 serial communication and external display output


  • 4-Relay Card (2A 250V) & Digital 4 Input
  • EsRöle Connection Card (Digital 8 inputs & 16 outputs)
  • EtherNet / IP Communication Card
  • Modbus TCP Communication Card
  • Profibus Communication Card (DP slave)
  • Profinet IO Communication Card
  • RS232 & RS485/RS422 Serial Communication Card (Modbus)

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Accuracy class (OIML approved) 10000d (III)
Input sensitivity 0.5uV/d
Sensitivity % 0.0015 FS
Zero and gain stability 2 ppm/°C
A/D converter 24bit Sigma-Delta
Digital filter gResolver (Intelligent Adaptive FIR filter)
Reading frequency 6.25-800 Hz
Load Cell 
Number of Loadcells allowed 10 pieces 350 Ω or 32 pieces 1100 Ω
Analog input range (-25mV with +25mV) or (-1.6V with +1.6V)
Excitation voltage 10V DC
Operating temperature range (OIML approved) -10°C +40°C
Storage temperature range -20°C +70°C
Operating voltage and power 12-24 VDC, 5W
Operator handling and Display 
Keyboard 5 Touch key, special function according to situation
Weight Display 4.5“ Bright Graphics Display
Function Display Gross, net, stable, zero, unit (g, kg, t,lb, lt, mV/V, m3)
Program Display Weighing Program
Material and protection class Impact-resistant plastic (PC), IP54 (Front Panel IP65)
Weight 0.36 kg (Standard)
Package weight and dimensions 0.55 kg (Standard) - 18x12.5x11cm
Standard Optional
Serial communication output
RS232 RS232 /RS422 / RS485
Printer output
Serial printer -
Remote Display Output
check -
Digital input / output
- 8 in / 16 out (2A) EXP module (16 out)
Internal Relay
2 pcs 4-Relay Card Expansion card and external relay

* If number of silos are 4 or less 2 relay cards, else 1 expansion card and an outer relay is going to be used

** If expansion card is used, up to 2 Es-Relay RL4 or RL8 are going to be included

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