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ART-S of the ART series is a compact and state-of-the-art indicator with a stainless steel, water-, dust- and impact-proof housing. With its high level of sensitivity and improved functions, ART-S finds application in food and chemical industries in the presence of severe industrial conditions. It can either be mounted on the scale column or placed on a desk.  

Double-display ART-S indicator allows entering data in alphabetical manner, defining codes, reporting, weighing and piece-counting, which make it a truly professional weighing instrument. It can be connected to a computer terminal and various printers.


  • Stainless steel housing suitable for use on scale column or desktop
  • Capability to indicate weight, message-part and total value on two different displays
  • 6-digit red LED weight display
  • 9-character alphanumerical operator's display
  • Real-time date and time
  • Dust and humidity-proof membrane keyboard with tact keys
  • Alphabetic character entry similar to that in cell phones
  • Storable settings for piece counting and pricing
  • Automatic and manual multiple tare
  • Zeroing, function and adjustment keys
  • Selectable unit display options: kg / g / t / N / kN / lbs / OZ / m / oC / oF
  • Selectable language options:TR / EN / RUS / BG / RO
  • Barcode printing: Code 39 / EAN-13
  • Battery-protected non-volatile memory
  • Gain adjustment for load cell output
  • Calibration key on/off switch
  • Remote display output
  • RS232 serial output
  • Parallel output to printer




RD Remote Display

IC Column

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Accuracy class (OIML approved) 7000d (III)
Input sensitivity 0.5µV/dijit
Sensitivity 0.004%
Zero and gain stability 2.8ppm/°C
A/D converter 24bit Sigma-Delta
Digital filter Dynamic numerical filtering
Reading frequency 6-50Hz
Number of Loadcells allowed 8 (350ohm)
Analog input range ± 160mV/V
Excitation voltage 10V DC
Operating temperature range (OIML approved) -10°C+40°C
Storage temperature range -20°C +70°C
Operating voltage and power 220-240V AC / 12-35V DC - 8W
Operator handling and Display 
Keyboard Dust and humidity-proof membrane keyboard with 20 tact type keys
Weight display 20 mm, 6-digit, 7-segment, red LED
Function display 15 mm, 9-digit, 15-segment, red LED
Program Indicator 25 mm, 8x8 dot matrix LED
Material and protection class Stainless Steel, IP65
Weight 4.1kg
Package weight and dimensions 4.6kg, 32x35x17.5cm
Standard Optional
Serial communication output
RS232 RS422 / RS485
Parallel printer output
check -
Binary (BCD) output
- -
Remote display output
check -
Digital input / output
- -
Analog output
- -
*BCD and digital input/output options cannot be used at the same time.
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ART-S Indicator Technical Drawing (.pdf)

You can use the VariCad program to open 2D & 3D technical drawings.
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ART CE ART OIML R76 Comformity


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