PS Scale With Single Load Cell
Scale With Single Load Cell - 150-300-600 kg

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Fully-automatic, single-load cell Esit PS scales are robust and reliable devices designed to withstand heavy industrial conditions.   Standardly bundled with multi-functional electronic indicator ART, and produced in various capacities (150 kg, 300 kg and 500 kg) and single size (70x80 cm) with steel and stainless steel options.  

Esit PS scales aim to meet all types of user requirements. PS scales may be integrated with other Esit indicators to be used in various other applications and under many different conditions. There are stainless steel and Ex-proof types for use in case of humidity and in the presence of flammable materials. They optionally feature filling control and industrial control outputs.


  • Stainless steel platform and load-bearing parts
  • Water-proof load cell in IP66 protection class
  • Fully electronic measurement from a single point
  • Overload prevention system
  • Double-display indicator
  • Alphabetic character entry
  • Capability to define 7 headings
  • Capability to define 100 data fields under one heading and 10 data fields under the other headings
  • 9 different and storable settings for piece counting
  • 9 different and storable settings pricing
  • Reporting
  • Changeable units
  • Various language options
  • Automatic and multiple taring
  • Printer output
  • Computer output
  • Remote display output
  • Date and time display
  • CE approval


Water-proof, stainless steel indicator
Ex-proof indicator and Ex-proof load cell
Remote display
Control outputs
Stainless steel scale body


RD Remote Display

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Model Material Capacity (kg) Size (cm) Division (gr) e 1 - e 2
150K-PS-7080-SX-ART Steel 150 70x80 20-50
150K-PS-7080-SI-ART Stainless Steel 150 70x80 20-50
300K-PS-7080-SX-ART Steel 300 70x80 50-100
300K-PS-7080-SI-ART Stainless Steel 300 70x80 50-100
600K-PS-7080-SX-ART Steel 600 70x80 100-200
600K-PS-7080-SI-ART Stainless Steel 600 70x80 100-200


PS150 PS300 PS600
Metrologic properties 
150kg 300kg 600kg
20g 50g 100g
Division (Legal trade)
50g 100g 200g
Linearity (Legal trade)
60g 150g 300g
Repeatability (Legal trade)
20g 50g 100g
Max. display division 1/15.000 - 1/30.000
No-motion time 0.5 sn - 3 sn
Materials Steel / Stainless steel
Protection class IP 65
Loadcell / Loadcell number
1 pc 1 pc 1 pc
Platform dimensions / Platform weight
70x80cm / 65kg 70x80cm / 70kg 70x80cm / 70kg
Model ART
Material Plastik
Protection Class IP 54
Indicator Red LED
Keyboard Dust and humidity-proof membrane type keyboard with 20 tact type keys
Communication Outputs RS485 / RS422 / RS232 / Remote display output / Parallel output to printer
Functions Tare / Gross / Zeroing / Totalize / Piece counting / Barcode printing / Report printing /
Weight 1.3kg
Operating temperature range -10°C...+40°C
Storing temperature range -20°C...+70°C
Excitation voltage and power 220VAC - 50Hz (12-24 VDC optional)
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150-300-600 kg Scale Technical Drawing (.pdf)

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