Decaline Checkweigher
Checkweigher 30-60 kg



Esit Decaline is a dynamic check weigher that is designed with a wide belt for weighing especially boxes or bags. Other than weighing the boxes, it is also capable of counting the packages and parts inside of them. Out of the products which are weighed dynamically, the ones that are not in desired range are sorted via the rejection system. Drop reject conveyor option is available for the packages such as cement bags which may be damaged by the piston.


  • Static dynamic weighing
  • High accuracy
  • Self-driven weighing belt
  • Height adjustable tray
  • Quantity and weight based reporting facilities
  • Computer and printer output facility
  • Reject system options
  • Entry and exit belt options

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Model Decaline 30 Decaline 60
Maximum Speed 60 pcs/min 60 pcs/min
Capacity 500 g - 30 kg 1 kg - 60 kg
Maximum Accuracy ± 20g ± 20g
Belt Width 580 mm 580 mm
Belt Length 800-1600mm 800-1600mm
Protection IP54 IP54
Height from the Floor 600-1000 mm 600-1000 mm
Conveyor PVC Belt PVC Belt
Engines 220V AC 220V AC
Feeding 210-240V AC 50/60Hz 210-240V AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 600W 600W
Operating Temperature 10 °C / 40 °C 10 °C / 40 °C
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General Brochure (.pdf)

You can use the VariCad program to open 2D & 3D technical drawings.
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Decaline Rejection System With Roll

Esit checkweighers, controls each and every product by dynamic weighing on flow belt, and are designed according to the strict regulations in effect. Esit Checkweighers are key to succes for adding value to your brand and products with its technology, sensitivity, ease of use and durable structure. Providing the highest standards of the industry, Esit Checkweighers, use highly sensitive and intelligent filter technologies to enable you to take the control of your products 100%, also deliver flexible reporting with its easy to use screens and software. Esit Checkweigher models provide effective rejection systems according to products manufactured, as well as, non-stop service with their heavy duty structure and enable quick part replacement only in minutes via its modular design. Esit Decaline Check Weighers are designed to provide sensitivity, while serving for years with its strong structure suitable for heavy and large sized products. This heavy duty model can be customized for any kind of industry with numerous options.