BFT Bagging Scale
Bagging Scale 10-50 kg

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Esit BF Bagging Scales are bagging machines used for filling bulk material into bags with the weight of 10-50 kg.

It automatically starts operation after the operator inserts the bag to the filling outlet, it fills the bag with the set quantity accurately in two stages and releases it when filling finishes. The operation continues subsequently. Sewing belt is optional. Esit BF Bagging Scale is microprocessor controlled and full electronic. It is possible to obtain quantity and weight reports related to the bags filled and to connect other electronic devices such as PLC and computers.

Valve and filling outlet structure are selected depending on the type of the good. It is used for bagging materials such as legumes, granular materials, salt, granular chemicals, pulp, animal feed, grains, cement, construction chemicals, coal, stone and corn.


  • Fast and accurate weighing
  • Programmable number of bags to be filled
  • Adjustable lower and upper limits
  • Warning for out-of-tolerance weighing
  • Upper chamber level control
  • Weight quantity memories
  • Alarm system against failures
  • Computer and printer output options
  • Microprocessor controlled and full electronic


  • EtherNet / IP Communication Card
  • Modbus TCP Communication Card
  • Profibus Communication Card (DP slave)
  • Profinet IO Communication Card
  • RS232 & RS485/RS422 Serial Communication Card (Modbus)

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Technical Specifications;

 Model BFT
Capacity 10-50 kg
Maximum Accuracy  ± % 0,1 
Filling Rate  6 bags/minute
Number of Load Cells 1
Construction Steel / Stainless Steel
Area of Use  Granular Materials, Granular Chemicals


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